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    The Bob Dylan Timeline

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    1961: Bob Dylan starts his career by relocating to New York City after dropping out of the University of Minnesota after his freshman year. He begins performing at various folk clubs around Greenwich Village, befriending other folk singers and gathering material. Dylan records his first, self-titled album at Columbia Records, which consists of mostly covers… Read more »

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    Timeline: Madden Video Game Franchise History

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    1988:   First Madden game (John Madden Football)  is released by Electronic Arts, with an energetic John Madden on the cover. Features: Customizable gameplay and conditions like weather (hot, rain, snow, or cold and windy), time length of quarters, player fatigue and injuries, and penalties. Can create teams from scratch, which was important because no… Read more »

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    The Timeline History Of The Modern American Financial System

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    The American Financial System hasn’t been under a microscope like it has since 2008. Here is a an interesting timeline illustrating it’s interesting past. Browse more data visualization. This Timeline Need’s A Curator:  Would you like to join our hopeless cause to archive everything cool here at by curating this page?  The benefits are…… Read more »

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    The Benghazi Embassy Attack Timeline and History Of How It Was Covered

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    The Benghazi Embassy Attack Timeline ( and History of how Journalists covered it ) The events, and the Government response in the aftermath, have been an ongoing mystery.  The second hearing has taken place, the Whistleblowers delivered testimony. The questions still outstanding… who introduced the Video narrative?  Who rewrote the Assessment?  Did Hillary Clinton contradict… Read more »

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    The Timeline History Of Valentine’s Day

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    BC 3500 : A clay tablet from the Sumerian era is believed to contain the oldest love poem that has survived to this day. The Sumerians are credited for being the inventors of written language. AD 197 : Bishop Valentine, hailing from Interamna gains his title. He was also martyred for his faith, a victim… Read more »

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    History of the Christmas Tree Timeline

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    Christmas Tree History Timeline 5550 BC: Egyptians – The ancient Egyptians were known to use plants in their religious ceremonies. In Egypt, the evergreen date palm was a sacred tree, and a palm branch was the symbol of the god Heh, the personification of eternity. In many Pagan beliefs the tree was considered magical, it’s… Read more »