Timeline: Madden Video Game Franchise History

First Madden game (John Madden Football)  is released by Electronic Arts, with an energetic John Madden on the cover.
Features: Customizable gameplay and conditions like weather (hot, rain, snow, or cold and windy), time length of quarters, player fatigue and injuries, and penalties. Can create teams from scratch, which was important because no actual NFL teams could be included for lack of an NFL or NFLPA license. Only Madden game released for Commodore and the Apple II.

1989: Released for both PC and Commodore 64.


This Madden version, released also for the SNES and Amiga, adds audibles, and password-saved games. For the first time ever in a football video game, the camera or perspective is played from above and behind the quarterback rather than from the side right to left, and vice versa.
It only had 16 teams, loosely based on real NFL teams as well as an All-Madden team was included as a bonus.

Released for PC and consoles, added new features larger playbooks and commentary and coaching from John Madden on classic football tactics like the Play action pass.   VGA graphics were upgraded, as well as the use of Adlib audio.

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