History Of BBS Door Games

A door in a bulletin board system is an interface between the BBS software and an external application. The term is also used to refer to the external application, a computer program that runs outside of the main bulletin board program. Sometimes called external programs, doors are the most common way to add games, utilities, and other extensions to BBSes. From the 1990s on, most BBS software had the capability to “drop to” doors. Several standards were developed for passing connection and user information to doors; this was usually done with dropfiles. Because BBSes typically depended on the telephone system, they tended to be local in nature unlike modern internet games and applications.

Most doors were responsible for operating the serial port or other communications device directly until returning control to the BBS. Later development of FOSSIL drivers have allowed both BBSes and their doors to communicate without being responsible for direct operation of the communications hardware.

A major use of doors is for door games: computer games played on the BBS. These games included strategy games such as TradeWars 2002, Solar Realms Elite, Space Dynasty, and Barren Realms Elite. There were also Role Playing Games, often derived from earlier email-based games. One such game was Seth Robinson’s Legend of the Red Dragon.

1984: TradeWars 2002, also known as Trade Wars 2002 or TW2002, is developed and released by Gary Martin.  Official Tradewars sit. 

1990: Solar Realms Elite or SRE is written by Amit Patel,  a multi-player bulletin board system strategy game.  Game Documentation

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