The Internal Revenue Service Tea Party Targeting Scandal Timeline

May 13, 2013: 
IRS office that targeted Tea Party also disclosed confidential docs
from conservative groups! @ProPublicaBreitbartNews: Report: IRS Began Targeting Tea Party in 2010: ABC News investigative reporter Jonathan Karl has obtained an a… @BreitbartNewsNickMarcelli: FLASHBACK to last week: Obama To Grads: Reject Voices That Warn About Government Tyranny @NickMarcelliDRUDGE_REPORT: COULTER FLASHBACK: OBAMA’S SIGNATURE MOVE: UNSEALING PRIVATE RECORDS… @DRUDGE_REPORT

mlcalderone: Conservative Outlets Reported On IRS Tea Party Targeting In 2012 @mlcalderone Tea Party Leader: IRS ‘Prevented Us’ From Participating in 2012 Elections Obama attacked Americans For Prosperity by name in Summer ’10; at same time IRS was harassing other tea party groups.

Mediaite: Lou Dobbs Rips ‘Nixonian’ Obama For Lying ‘Through His Teeth’ About IRS: ‘President Who Has Lost His Way’ @Mediaite

BuzzFeedBen: Video: When The IRS Said It Was Not Targeting Tea Party Groups @Mediaite

Washington Times: Pelosi: IRS problem stems from court ruling court ruling @washtimes

instapundit: RT @tjic: @instapundit Lefty wants to delete Wikipedia article “IRS Tea Party investigation” bc ALLEGED scandal driven by blogs @instapundit


FLASHBACK: Romney donor vilified by Obama campaign, then subjected to 2 audits…

Mon, 13 May 2013 19:24:40 +0000

Flashback: Obama jokes about auditing enemies in 2009.
Mon, 13 May 2013 17:14:14 +0000
Investigate GOP nonprofit groups was a Democratic talking point, until it wasn’t. To wit: Max Baucus from 2010:
Mon, 13 May 2013 17:03:55 +0000 NPR’s Weekend News Shows Skipped Any Journalism on Obama Scandals — But Found Six Minutes for Rhino Horns

May 14, 2013: 
Today’s curated coverage of the scandal.
May 15, 2013: 
Michelle Malkin… 
New York Times lapdogs to rest of media on Obama/IRS scandal:
Stand down!
May 19, 2013: 

BOB SCHIEFFER SEEMS TO HAVE HAD ENOUGH: Schieffer to Obama Advisor: ‘Why Are You Here? Why Isn’t the White House Chief of Staff Here?’

Plus: “I have to tell you that is exactly the approach that the Nixon administration took. They said, ‘These are all second-rate things. We don’t have time for this. We have to devote our time to the people’s business.’ You’re taking exactly the same line they did.”

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