The Joe Biden Gaffe Timeline

Joseph “Joe” Robinette Biden, Jr. is presently the vice president of the United States of America (2012), a member of the Democratic Party, and a former US senator representing Delaware. For some, he’s quotable quote-machine that rivals even George W. Bush (believe you me that is saying a lot). Below are some of his most recent and more controversial Gaffes.

June 17, 2006: Joe Biden on C-span trying to be funny by saying that Delaware is home to the largest growth of Indian-Americans…  “You can’t go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you’ve got a slight Indian accent.  I’m not joking.”

[1. Jay Turner]

January 31, 2007: Having just filed his presidential candidacy a day before and then asked about fellow candidate Barrack Obama… “I mean, you’ve got the first mainstream African-American who’s articulate and clean and bright and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that is a storybook, man.”

 [1. Jay Turner ]

October 25. 2008: Joe Biden “J-O-B-S” is a 3 letter word?

April 30, 2009: Joe Biden on the swine flu; “Take the subway to avoid the swine flu!”

March 17, 2010:Joe Biden consoled Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen with a statement saying “His mother lived in Long Is.  for 10 yrs.  or so.  God rest her soul.” He was hastily corrected on the spot, Mr. Biden replies “And.. though..she’s…wait…….. your mom is still……your mom is still alive. Your dad passed. May God bless her soul.”

April 27, 2012:  Vice President Joe Biden’s foreign policy speech quoting Teddy Roosevelt:

“‘Speak softly and carry a big stick.’ (end of quote) I promise you, the President has a big stick. I promise you.”

[1. Jay Turner ]

  August 14, 2012: Joe Biden was speaking to a largely African-American crowd ridiculing the earlier statements made by presidential aspirant Mitt Romney about giving big banks the ability to make their own rules. To this Joe Biden replied that in doing so “they’re going to put y’all back in chains.”

 [1. Jay Turner]

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