The Clinton Email Scandal of 2015 Timeline (and how the media covered it)

MARCH 3, 2015:
Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules |
Hillary Clinton’s Private E-Mail Draws Scrutiny |

Experts: Hillary Broke the Law | The Weekly Standard

Ex-Obama aide Robert Gibbs says Hillary’s use of personal email is ‘highly unusual’

Congress will probe Hillary Clinton’s emails |

FOURNIER: Hillary should retire White House dreams…

Now The New York Times is reporting that Clinton used a personal email account to conduct government business as secretary of State, an apparent violation of federal requirements that her records be retained.

Exposed by a House committee investigating the Benghazi Consulate attack, Clinton brazenly dug in her heels. Advisers reviewed tens of thousands of pages of her personal email and decided which ones to release: Just 55,000 emails were given to the State Department.

Those are our emails, not hers. What is she hiding?

FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton’s ‘hacked’ Benghazi emails: FULL RELEASE

MARCH 4, 2015:
House committee subpoenas Clinton emails in Benghazi probe |

Who Is Eric Hoteham? Clinton Private Server Listed Under Mysterious, Untraceable Name | CBS DC

Using Private Email, Hillary Clinton Thwarted Record Requests |

MARCH 5, 2015:

E-mail Revelations Cause Party Anxiety…
State Dept signals doubts…
Obama lawyer: Unaware…
AXELROD: Answer the questions!
HILLARY TWEETS: ‘I want the public to see my emails’…
Office was warned…
House committee subpoenas personal account…
AP Threatens Legal Action…
Judicial Watch Sues for Huma’s Egypt Emails…

MARCH 6, 2015:

Hillary won’t take questions — at event honoring journalism…
Drama over e-mail intensifies…
‘Suddenly weaker candidate’…
Committee: ‘Scheme To Conceal’…
CONGRESSMAN: ‘Nixonian’…
Violated ‘clear-cut’ State Dept. rules…
Larry Klayman pushes for contempt proceedings…
Clinton Internal Cable Banned Use!
Team Evaded Records With Instant Message…
Review of stash to take ‘several months’…
FLASHBACK: Hillary Bashes Bush Officials for Secret Email…
FOURNIER: ‘It’s a shameless script’…

MARCH 7, 2015:
State Dept releases first email associated with private account…

MARCH 8, 2015:
Gowdy: ‘Gaps of Months and Months and Months’ of Hillary’s Emails

Wallace to Davis: Do you ever get tired of cleaning up Clinton messes?

MARCH 9, 2015:

James Carville Goes Scorched Earth on MSNBC Over Hillary E-mails

MARCH 10, 2015:

CSpan: Hillary Clinton Personal Email Account
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a likely 2016 presidential candidate, spoke to reporters and responded to questions about her use of a private electronic mail account during her time at the State Department. She said her decision to use the account was for the convenience of carrying only one device and it “didn’t seem like an issue.” She also said that looking back that using a second e-mail account and carrying both a government and a personal device might have been better. She spoke at the United Nations following an event on women’s rights hosted by the U.N. and opened her remarks by talking about women’s rights. She also commented on the letter sent by Republican senators to Iran.
Hillary Clinton Press Conference in it’s entirety

HARD DRIVE DESTROYED? Hillary Clinton Tries to Quell Controversy Over Private Email

MARCH 11, 2015:

NOTHING CLASSIFIED? REALLY? No Classified Emails by Clinton? Some Experts Are Skeptical

Bill Clinton Didn’t E-Mail With Hillary, Ex-President’s Spokesman Says

Hillary Clinton’s Media Demons Return To Haunt Her—Loudly | The Daily Beast

AP sues State Department, seeking access to Clinton records |

Hillary’s Top Two Aides Used Personal Email at State Department | The Weekly Standard

Maddow: Media idiots don’t ‘know how to talk about’ the Clintons |

Deputy independent counsel says he wrote ‘rough draft indictment’ of Hillary Clinton | The Drudge Report



— Chuck Warren (@SilverBulletLLC) March 11, 2015

MARCH 12, 2015:

Sandy Berger and Unauthorized removal of classified material |

MARCH 14, 2015:

Obama adviser behind leak of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal | @nypost MARCH 15, 2015: This Week with George Stephanopoulos: Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Fallout | Video | ABC News

Trey Gowdy On Hillary Emails: ‘We Haven’t Seen Any Evidence Of A Crime’ | @HuffPostPol

MARCH 16, 2015: Psaki Wont Say If Clinton Signed Seperation Agreement | Video | RealClearPolitics Hillary Clinton Won’t Answer If She Signed Separation Statement upon Leaving State Dept |

Clinton camp issues clarification on deleted emails, claims ‘every’ message was reviewed |

FLASHBACK: Benghazi Bombshell: Clinton State Department Official Reveals Details of Alleged Document Review | @DailySignal

MARCH 31, 2015:

Hillary Clinton also used iPad for e-mail | @usatoday

Hillary Rodham Clinton e-mailed her staff on an iPad as well as a BlackBerry while secretary of state, despite her explanation she exclusively used a personal e-mail address on a homebrew server so that she could carry a single device, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

Benghazi panel summons Clinton | @DCExaminer

A House panel Tuesday formally requested Hillary Clinton to testify about the private server and email account she used while serving as secretary of state.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi, sent a request to Clinton’s personal attorney, David E. Kendall, requesting that Clinton appear before the committee no later than May 1 for a transcribed interview about the server and email.

April 1, 2015:

April 23, 2015:

May 18, 2015:

May 19, 2015: Clinton Email Case Gets Nutty: Clinton Offers Faux Support For Faster Release… That She Could Have Done Herself | @Techdirt

May 21, 2015:

May 22, 2015:

May 26, 2015: 2 Of Hillary’s Libya Emails Are Missing | @dailycaller


May 28, 2015:


June 2, 2015: The ‘media’ isn’t wrong about Hillary Clinton | @POLITICO June 3, 2015:


June 5, 2015:


November 1, 2015:

New Email Shows Tripoli Embassy Warned D.C. to ‘Not Conflate’ Video with Benghazi Attacks |

Two days after the 9/11/2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya, the United States embassy in Tripoli, Libya, was warning the State Department via email not to conflate the Innocence of Muslims YouTube video with the attacks.

Fox News: Email shows Clinton’s State Department cautioned about blaming Benghazi attack on video

Colleagues, I mentioned to [redacted] this morning, and want to share with all of you, our view at Embassy Tripoli that we must be cautious in our local messaging with regard to the inflammatory film trailer, adapting it to Libyan conditions.

Our monitoring of the Libyan media and conversations with Libyans suggest that the films not as explosive of an issue here as it appears to be in other countries in the region. The overwhelming majority of the FB comments and tweets we’ve received from Libyans since the Ambassador’s death have expressed deep sympathy, sorrow, and regret. They have expressed anger at the attackers, and emphasized that this attack does not represent Libyans or Islam. Relatively few have even mentioned the inflammatory video.

So if we post messaging about the video specifically, we may draw unwanted attention to it. And it is becoming increasingly clear that the series of events in Benghazi was much more terrorist attack than a protest which escalated into violence. It is our opinion that in our messaging, we want to distinguish, not conflate, the events in other countries with this well-planned attack by militant extremists. I have discussed this with [redacted] and he shares PAS’s view.

Reddit: No big deal?


November 4, 2015:
Email indicates Clinton had different Benghazi stories for Libyans and Americans | @DCExaminer

November 6, 2015:
Clinton Signed NDA Laying Out Criminal Penalties for Mishandling of Classified Info |


November 13, 2015:
EXCLUSIVE: Top Hillary Aide Signed, Failed To Comply With State Dept ‘Separation Agreement’ | @dailycaller

January 3, 2016:
Here’s the bottom line of the Hillary email dump | @dailycaller

The total so far is 1,274 classified emails, debunking Clinton’s claims that she never sent or received such info on the account run from the private, unsecured server in her home.

Her fallback defense is that nothing was marked “classified.” Yet all State employees are warned that some stuff is “born classified.” That covers the redactions in the latest dump — info from other governments or concerning US policy on other governments

January 7, 2016:

State Department gave ‘inaccurate’ answer on Clinton email use, review says | Washington Post

Clinton’s private email account exploits FOIA loophole, report says | Fox News |

January 8, 2016:

Clinton praises Blumenthal memo on Muslim Brotherhood: ‘Best info yet’ , The State Dept. released the latest batch of Clinton emails after blowing past a judge’s deadline last week. | @politico

Hillary Clinton knew using private e-mail could be a problem | @nypost

Hillary Clinton e-mail instructs aide to transmit classified data without markings |



Politico: “No Bombshells So Far”

January 9, 2016:

Senator: Newly released Clinton email ‘disturbing’  |  @CNNPolitics

January 11, 2016:

FBI’s Clinton probe expands to public corruption track   | Fox News

‘Thousands’ Of New Hillary Docs Found  |  @dailycaller

January 20, 2016:

State Department Releases Clinton IT Guru Emails | @dailycaller

January 21, 2016:

Clinton campaign accuses GOP of ‘coordinated leak’ in email scandal  |

Clinton gets hit with email scandal question at the rope line  |

Michael Mukasey: Clinton’s Emails—A Criminal Charge Is Justified  | @WSJ

January 22, 2016:

State Dept. Seeks Extension To Release Hillary Clinton’s Emails  | @nbcnews

Hugh Hewitt Radio Show: Former SecDef Gates: ‘Odds Are Pretty High’ Clinton Server Was Hacked By Foreign Intel

January 25, 2016:

Hillary’s team copied intel off top-secret server to email | @nypost

Somehow, highly classified information from SIPRNet, as well as even the super-secure JWICS, jumped from those closed systems to the open system and turned up in at least 1,340 of Clinton’s home e-mails — including several the CIA earlier this month flagged as containing ultra-secret Sensitive Compartmented Information and Special Access Programs, a subset of SCI.

“Somehow” |

January 29, 2016:

22 Clinton Emails Deemed Too Classified to Be Made Public | @nytimes

February 3, 2016:

Classified Data Found in Personal Email of Colin Powell and Aides to Condoleezza Rice | @nytimes
Rice Aides, Powell Also Got Classified Info on Personal Email Accounts | @nbcnews

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